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  1. The Many Faces of Weems

    11/22/07 14:00:53 | 1 Comments

    #1 Bumper Pool Weems
    Pedophilia Weems
    Angry Weems
    Chubby Chaser Weems
    Wigger Weems
    Arts & Crafts Weems
    Naive Weems
  2. How To Add Music To Your Profile

    11/04/07 15:28:52 | 3 Comments

    The first thing you need to do is create a video file that contains the song you want to play in your profile. The easiest way to do that is with Windows Movie Maker. If you are using a Mac, go get help from one of the other cult members. When you have the video file completed, upload it to YouTube. YouTube accounts are quite easy to create. Hell, I have three of them--four if you count the one that was deleted due to copyright violations and porn. I hope at this point you know...

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